Girls Black Greenwich trouser


Girls Black Greenwich trouser

  • Stylish cut

  • Two mock front pockets

  • Two button down back pockets

  • Button and tab detail to back waist

Weight N/A



22W-29L, 22W-31L, 22W-33L, 24W-29L, 24W-31L, 24W-33L, 26W-31L, 26W-33L, 28W-31L, 28W-33L, 30W-31L, 30W-33L, 32W-29L, 32W-31L, 32W-33L, 34W-29L, 34W-31L, 34W-33L, 36W-29L, 36W-31L, 36W-33L, 38W-29L, 38W-31L, 38W-33L, 40W-29L, 40W-31L, 40W-33L, 42W-29L, 42W-31L, 42W-33L, 44W-UFL, 46W-UFL